pebble domino's tracker

There are a lot of smartwatches out there to choose from, but for Domino’s pizza fans this just became a one-horse race. The pizza delivery chain announced a new partnership with Pebble on Thursday, bringing its popular pizza tracker to your wrist for the first time ever.

When you think about it, Pebble and Domino’s are really a perfect match. Once you’ve ordered your pizza, you won’t have to reach for a computer or even turn on your phone to check on its progress. Instead, that information will be right in front of you at all times.

pebble dominos

“We designed Pebble to mesh seamlessly into your life, and the Domino’s Tracker app is a natural addition to our growing appstore,” said Pebble business development team member Shobeir Shobeiri.

Domino’s is only offering a smartwatch app for Pebble at the moment, though it’s possible we could see something similar hit Android Wear devices or even the Apple Watch once it launches next year. For now, you can hit the appstore link below to try it out for yourself.