Pebble’s homepage is currently filled with a gigantic clock that’s counting down to tomorrow at 10 a.m. Eastern. That suggests there’s some sort of major announcement coming, but what could it be?

The Pebble Time was released on May 14 last year, so we’re just over a year from the last Pebble that was introduced. I think it’s likely we’ll see a successor to that device – it’s due, though Pebble has done a fantastic job keeping its earlier models updated with the latest features, health-tracking software and more.

Pebble’s teaser on Twitter states that “Everything’s better with friends,” which might point to a buy-one get-one offer. It’s possible there’s some sort of major sale, which wouldn’t be all that exciting, so I’m hoping new hardware is involved.

We’ll let you know what the company announces tomorrow morning.