Starting today, the Pebble smartwatch supports any app that works with iOS 7's revamped Notification Center. That means you can get Instagram, Facebook, Calendar and even Google Now notifications to pop up on your wrist. For a device that promised so little and delivered so much, Pebble is evolving into a device that some of the bigger companies should be intimidated by. For all its limitations, this is how you execute a smartwatch, with careful thought and concern for user experience.

Since climbing out of the Kickstarter ether, Pebble has become a recognized smartwatch brand, appearing in Best Buy and AT&T retail stores across the U.S. To date, Pebble has sold 190,000 units, with 50+ companion apps currently available on the iTunes and Google Play stores. That's not bad. But deeper and more seamless integration with iOS 7 isn't the only big announcement Pebble has on the docket.

On the developer side, Pebble is also launching Pebble SDK 2.0, which the company says will open up a host of new possibilities heading into the future. With four all-new APIs—Javascript, Accelerometer, Data Logging and Persistent Storage—developers will have the tools to create apps that interface directly with the Web for things like real-time weather info, and access to the accelerometer for health tracking and monitoring. This makes Pebble more than just a tool for alerts; it'll also help quantify your data so you'll know what's going on beyond an email streaming in.

Pebble says apps from Foursquare, GoPro, Yelp and iControl are already in the works, which will all demonstrate the device's new capabilities. More developers are likely to hop onboard, meaning this is just the beginning. With better tools and deeper integration, there's certainly potential for Pebble to blossom into something much than we first imagined.