Pebble Steel 007

Pebble made several announcements on Tuesday morning. The company said that it's now dropping the price of the Pebble and Pebble Steel by $50, which suggests why we saw that deal from Best Buy yesterday, and that it's introducing a new software update for health and fitness tracking.

Customers can now opt to pick up the Pebble for just $99 or the Pebble Steel for just $199.99, either directly from Pebble or from one of its retail partners. Our favorite wearable is also even more powerful than ever before. Pebble is introducing a new software update that enables fitness tracking on both of its smartwatch models using third-party applications from either Misfit, Jawbone or, all apps that were rebuilt to offer tracking capabilities. Pebble said the Misfit app, for example, offers "continuous, roundtheclock activity tracking and sleep monitoring, while Jawbone's also allows users to track calories burned, pace, strokes and more.

Pebble said there are now more than 4,000 apps available in total and that 18,000 developers are creating new uses for its smartwatch. Additionally, it has noticed more than 5 million app downloads since the Pebble appstore went live in January.


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