Pebble owners, it appears the company’s upcoming app store will be available for all on Monday, Feb. 3. Access to the store has already been unofficially available to users, but an official update will be pushed out to kick off the first week of February.

The launch date was mentioned by Pebble’s Twitter page, and also by the company’s Product Evangelist, Myriam Joire. The screenshot posted by Joire, it’s worth mentioning, is from an Android device, suggesting we’ll see apps for both iOS and Android launch simultaneously. The experience we were able to get our hands on was on iOS.

Pebble’s app store is a huge part of the platform’s growth, and gives users a central hub to track down experiences for their devices, rather than tracking down apps on third-party sites. There will be some apps from some big names, too, including Foursquare, GoPro, Yelp and ESPN.

If you’re curious about what the experience will be like, we got a nice hands-on of the store the other day (below). Now we can’t wait to get our hands-on the Pebble Steel, which is the company’s more refined smartwatch.