But I totally get that the task of actually cobbling together PC parts can seem super daunting to someone who’s never done it. The age of YouTube, I’ll posit, has made building a rig with confidence easier than ever. There are so many tutorials out there for all levels of skill that getting the work done is a cinch.

What about a game, though? PC Building Simulator is a thing that exists now in pre-alpha form, and it’s a game that teaches PC building. You can pay what you want to check out the game in its current form by hitting the link in the source at the base of this post.

What’s the point of PC Building Simulator

Well, it’s about learning through fun. Here’s the dev’s about page.

The purpose of this game is to try to teach people about building PCs while still having fun. I strive to make it a fun game to play but also a tool to plan builds or for those who want to practice this hobby without spending thousands of dollars.

I can confirm that PC building can be fun, but I personally think the best bit is enjoying the machine once it’s working.