The Internet can sometimes be a nasty, boiling cesspool of hate, anger and bigotry. Nothing is off limits, anything goes—for some reason, people get a thrill from acting like reprehensible zealots, whether it be in "defense" of a particular brand, cause, or just because. At the end of the day, vile comments have become the norm, expected, and in many cases encouraged.

Not many people realize how their actions affect other people. They do, in ways that sometimes can't be undone. I don't know how many stories I've read this year alone of people committing suicide because of cyberbullying—a terrible word that has ingrained itself in our everyday vocabulary.

The above video, part of PBS's Off Book series, looks deeply at the issue of how we act online, and highlights a very interesting term known as Online disinhibition effect. This should be required viewing, we need to do something about this, look at ourselves in the mirror and ask why we act the way we do and say the things we say.

For the most part, comments on TechnoBuffalo are meaningful, insightful, and add substance to the world of technology. But there's fighting all over the Internet, a lot of it, and it's absolutely, completely disgusting. Attacking others because of their opinion, likes, dislikes, and making up inane names for fans of certain companies is unnecessary. It has to stop. Let's change. I hope we do.