PayPal, the popular online payment service, held a press conference at its California headquarters earlier today to announce a new partnership with RadioShack stores nationwide. Later this month you’ll be able to use the Internet company’s app to purchase electronics and skip the line.

PayPal, which became a subsidiary of eBay in 2002, had been testing out this new program at a different type of chain ahead of Tuesday’s big announcement. At seven Jamba Juice smoothie stores in San Francisco, PayPal users can make their purchase using the app on their smartphones and pick up their order at a separate line. PayPal President David Marcus used today’s press conference to announce the RadioShack partnership, as well as plans to expand the current program to more Jamba Juice locations across the country and to other unnamed companies in the near future.

With today’s announcement, PayPal is making a clear effort to gain a foothold in the way money changes hands at physical stores. Marcus sees debit and credit cards as his company’s main competition, and hopes he can lure consumers away from plastic with added convenience and shorter lines.

“Swiping a card in a store is not hard,” he told the press earlier today. “We really have to bring a lot of value to consumers to change that behavior.”