Overkill Software is prepping for the release of Payday 2 on VR by giving away the game absolutely free! 5 million copies of them are up for grabs on Steam right now, so be sure to get in and download one before the pool is all dried up.

The deal is the latest chapter in a dramatic storyline surrounding the game’s popularity, one which saw it rise to become a fan-favorite, then fall into a controversy over a new in-game economy, and then back into the good graces of fans once again.

Free VR update is a reason to finally jump in

No doubt, the reason Overkill is giving Payday 2 away is to get the game into as many hands as possible to prep for a free VR update due later this year. This way, when Payday 3 finally launches, it will be able to tout a successful VR mode that has the backing and assurances of fans.

After all, the studio has already made a killing off of Payday 2, so consider this giveaway an investment for even better things in the future.