There's no denying it: programming is a hotter field than ever. And no wonder, considering these tech skills are highly in-demand, and often command a six-figure salary.

But with all the languages out there, it's hard to figure out where to start–and even harder to determine the right courses to take.

That's why we've handled all that for you via the Learn to Code Bundle 2016. This 9-course bundle features top-notch instruction on the most popular programming languages, frameworks, and Web technologies in use today. And best of all, you get to pay whatever price you want.

Here's what's in your bundle ($1,539 total value):

  • AngularJS: From Zero to Hero
  • Become a Professional Python Programmer
  • Build Responsive Real World Sites with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Become a Certified Web Developer
  • Learn Linux in 5 Days & Level Up Your Career
  • PHP & MySQL Web Development From Scratch – Build 5 Projects
  • Advanced Ruby Programming: 10 Steps to Mastery
  • Git Complete: The Definitive, Step-by-Step Guide to Git
  • Learn Cloud Computing with AWS

How Pay What You Want deals work: you can pay any amount to access the "Git Complete" and "Learn Cloud Computing with AWS" courses. And if you beat the average price paid, you'll get all nine courses.

Want to learn more about each course? Click through to read about each. Coding resources as high-quality, yet affordable, as these don't come around often–so pay what you want for the deal today, before time runs out.