The Humble Indie Bundle is, officially, a regular thing. Every few months now, this collective hive mind of independent game developers steps up to package several DRM free titles into on bundle. They then sell it over these here Internet tubings for whatever price us consumers deem reasonable. $1,000,000? Sure. $0.01? Yes, jerk.

And, the model works. The company has made a ton of money for themselves, the developers involved and the charities linked to the packages. These bundles have raised more than $2 million for charity.

Now, The Humble Bundle presents … a single game. Frozen Synapse, the highly regarded strategy title, can be purchased for whatever price you users see fit. However, if you buy it for more than the average amount spent during the time of your purchase, you'll also land the entire Frozenbyte Bundle. That one included Trine, Shadowgrounds, Shadowgrounds: Survivor, the Jack Claw prototype and a Splot preorder.

Each game is available for the Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

As of writing this story, the current average price for this bundle is $4.39. Six games for less than five bucks? To that we say, "no duh." The bundle has only been available for today and it's already earned more than $100,000 across over 23,000 copies sold. That means most folks are willing to pay more than a penny.

Support indie games, charity and the good of mankind. Snag this bundle.