With their world-class graphics, intricate gameplay and production design rivaling Hollywood blockbusters, it's easy to look at top video game releases and be seriously intimidated.

But you can learn the behind-the-scenes magic used to create amazing games – and this Introduction to Game Development course bundle will show you how.

Over nearly 40 hours of content, you go deep inside what it takes to create top-quality video games, including:

Python Game Development: Create a Flappy Bird Clone: Learn the basics of Python game development – one of the simplest and most versatile programming languages around – as you create a version of the insanely popular game Flappy Bird.

Game Design Course with Unity 3D: Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Assassin's Creed: Identity, even the viral darling Pokemon GO — all were created with the powerful Unity 3D game engine. This course will introduce you to the wonders of Unity and get you rolling on building your own game sensation.

HTML5 Games Without Coding: Why mess with code if you don't have to? This course will show you how to create amazing web-based games with the Construct 2 development app, requiring no coding knowledge.

Create Games with Stencyl: No Coding Required: Understand Stencyl, another gaming development arena that demands no coding experience. Lay out your game, use code-free programmatic techniques to enhance gameplay, master in-game physics and produce an eye-popping game without tinkering with one line of code.

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