The Penny Arcade Expo is the absolutely largest gaming convention tailored specifically to fans. For several years, the convention had only been made available to those living or willing to travel to the west coast. Seattle is still the home of PAX Prime.

Last year, however, saw the birth of PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts. At the Hynes Convention Center near the Back Bay area of the city, PAX East 2010 drew more than 52,000 gamers to the halls and open rooms of a single building. The convention hall, while nice, was not nearly large enough to accommodate the surge of geeks.

This year saw the convention move to the BCEC. The space is nearly three times the size of the Hynes Convention Center and only 15 minutes away by cab.  With the addition of more space, the attendance jumped to more than 69,500 attendees making their way into PAX East. That’s more than any PAX has ever seen, including the longer running sister convention in Seattle.

Penny Arcade’s Robert Khoo emailed Big Download and offered this:

The venue we have this year is massive – it’s legitimately 2-3x larger than last year’s venue, so the amount of breathing room was fantastic. I didn’t hear a single complaint about overcrowding. I never thought I would see the day.

I was at PAX East this year and the one in 2010. This year was great. It was a massive hike getting from the front side of the convention center up to the press room, but I’d take the trek over too many nerds in one place any day of the week. Put that many ravenous fans in any type of tight space and it gets smelly quickly. Convention goers know what I mean.

And, the crazy part here? Sit back and think about this for a second. PAX, both East and Prime, sprung out of a web comic about geek culture. That’s incredible.

Any of the TechnoBuffalo faithful make it out to the show floor?

[via Big Download]