Popular social network Path introduced a new update on Thursday with several new features. Following in the likes of Google+, you can now create an “Inner Circle” of friends, a group of people who will be the only ones to see your updates. If you want to keep it even more private, you can share with just specific people at a time – like a check-in at a place you might not want to be public, or a silly status update that wouldn’t apply to your co-workers.

Path is also rolling out a premium option, which provides access to unlimited camera filters, stickers and early access to new items added to the Path shop. Path also says the subscription will help you support its decision to serve as an ad-free social network. It’s a little expensive, though. A year is available for $15 while you can also sign up for a monthly subscription on Android for $1.99 each month, or a three-month subscription on iOS for $4.99. The cost may be worth it later, as Path adds additional features that will allow you to customize your feed even more.

I haven’t used Path in a while, preferring instead to use the privacy of Google+ Circles, though the new Inner Circle is definitely tempting me to give it another whirl.