Courtesy of some patent sleuthing on NeoGAF (via VG247), some previously unrevealed features of Nintendo's new Wii U controller have come to light. The good news here is that these features are, seemingly, crowd pleasures.

First off, the Wii U controller will feature flash memory. Now, whether or not that memory will be expansive is still up in the air. What the patent documents do reveal, however, is that the flash memory is independent of the controller's internal memory. Taking Miis, music, movies, pictures and data with you on the go may actually be a reality with the Wii U controller.

Even further sifting through the massive patent document reveals that the Wii U controller will be rechargeable. While PlayStation 3 owners have enjoyed that feature since day one (and Xbox 360 owners as well, once they purchase the necessary add-on), Nintendo gamers will finally have a chance to ditch the unending stream of AA batteries for good … if you don't count the ones you'll still have to swap out of the standard Wii Remotes.

More than that, though, is that the Wii U controller will sport some sort of charging cradle, one we assume will be a lot like the cradle packaged with the Nintendo 3DS. As the patent documents read:

"Terminal device 7 may be charged by attaching the terminal device 7 to a cradle (not shown) having a charging function."

Terminal device 7, as stated in the documents, is the Wii U controller (pictured up above in this post). As an owner of each console across each generation, the introduction of rechargeable, wireless controllers has been simply incredible. It's actually one of my favorite features for the PS3. Seeing it come to the Wii U is outstanding. Sure, you may be thinking, "not having rechargeable controllers would be stupid;" remember, this is Nintendo we're talking about. Love or hate the company all you want, their decisions can often times be questionable.

Does news of the charging cradle and flash memory within the Wii U controller do anything to excite you?

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