Apple was granted a patent on Tuesday that's titled "Peripheral treatment for head mounted displays." The focus of this filing is projecting images onto the eyes of a user from a viewable display. If you're starting to think of Google's Project Glass, so are we.

However, unlike what we've seen from Project Glass, Apple's patent details a fully immersive experience that would fill the user's peripheral vision, as well is their direct vision. The patent filing also outlines how two images would be stereoscopically projected onto each of the user's eyes to reduce the potential risks of motion sickness. Now, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we'd you like to keep in mind that this is only a patent filing and there isn't any evidence that suggests that Apple is actually working on this particular product.

Apple hired a wearable computing engineer back in 2010 and many have speculated that head mounted displays (HMDs) were the next big thing in computing. Perhaps Apple is continuing to build its house with patent bricks, should the company decide to pursue some type of head mounted computing apparatus in the not so distant future.

[via: TNW]