A Microsoft patent made public this week is fueling speculation the company could introduce Kinect Glasses. Originally filed in early 2012, the patent describs a "head-mounted display" capable of tracking gestures and reading the player's surroundings using sensors. As far back as June of last year we saw references to Kinect Glasses, though we still haven't heard anything official, even with the Xbox One announcement behind us.

In the earlier leak, documents suggested the technology would incorporate augmented reality much like Google Glass—a potential release was penned for sometime in 2014, months after the next Xbox's November release. In addition to sensor and augmented reality capabilities, the patent also suggests the glasses might also implement a multiplayer system, allowing users to invite others to a game.

With efforts like the Oculus Rift picking up so much traction in the industry lately, augmented reality may be on cusp of really taking off. Of course, not every patent filed by every company ever is made into an actual produce. A Microsoft spokesperson responded to the newly discovered filing, saying, "Not all patents applied for or received will be incorporated into a Microsoft product." Guess we'll find out in 2014.