Companies must really like the idea of augmented reality glasses, because Microsoft is reportedly conjuring up its own version of Project Glass. A patent application, published on Thursday, reveals a vision that's a bit different from what Google intends with its own project. Rather than something you use for communication and everyday tasks, Microsoft's attempt so far sounds more like the company's SmartGlass, but for real life.

Imagine attending a sporting event and seeing stats of your favorite player, or other trivia items pop up; it's more as a way to enhance an experience, and not necessarily accompany you every second of the day. Microsoft's glasses would supplement text, images and audio on a heads-up display, according to the patent filing.

Is this where the future of technology is headed? In favor of devices you hold and touch? At the moment, the idea is definitely intriguing, but AR tech seems like more of a distraction than anything else. Of course, if implemented properly, who knows where the market will be in ten or fifteen years from now.

[via UnwiredView]