Parrot is teaming up with Israeli startup PowerUp Toys to launch an awesome new drone. The FPV can do pretty much everything a regular drone is capable of, but it’s also a paper airplane you can fold up yourself.

Powerup’s FPV packs a pair motorized propellers in back, a manual rotating camera in front, a 550mAh swappable battery, a microSD card slot and Wi-Fi support. It can fly for 10 minutes straight and has a range of 350 feet.

The entire device clips onto your paper airplane and you’re ready to go. Using a special app you can control your paper airplane from your smartphone, or snap it into Google Cardboard for a more immersive experience. The entire design is also durable and easy to repair if something goes wrong.

The app uses motion controls, so you can literally pilot the plane by moving your head. Look up to speed up the propellers, look down to stop, and look right or left to turn. The drone will also stabilize itself automatically while flying.

PowerUp’s paper airplane drone is launching on Kickstarter next month. It’s set to cost $199 at retail, but early backers will get an extra discount.