It’s been over a year since Parrot unveiled the MiniDrone, a pint-size quadcopter seemingly designed to terrorize your pets. Now the company is back with 13 new MiniDrone options designed for every possible situation.

Parrot’s new drones feature improved autopilot, beefed up motors, longer battery life, 4GB of built-in storage and a new audio mode.

You can pick from a variety of options, starting with a “Jumping” drone that can leap up to 2.5 feet and make sharp 90-degree turns. It comes in two different variants. “Night” features two adjustable LED lights, while “Race” can hit speed of up to 8 mph. Jumping Night and Jumping Race both come in three different designs (called characters) and cost $189 each.

There’s also “Airborne,” which promises crazy acrobatics and speeds of up to 11 mph. There’s a “Night” version of this one too, which comes in three different characters for $129 each. Meanwhile, the Airborne Cargo model comes in two different designs for $99 each.

Finally, Parrot’s “Hydrofoil” MiniDrone can travel along the water at up to 11mph in the air or 6 mph on the water. It comes in two different “characters” and costs $179.

Parrot hasn’t said exactly when we’ll be able to pick up these new MiniDrones, but they’re slated get an official release sometime this fall.