Transformers- Age of Extinction Teaser Trailer

After four consecutive disasters, I think it's safe to say most people are Transformered out. Not Paramount Pictures. According to Deadline, the studio wants to turn Transformers into its own universe of movies, similar to what we're seeing with Marvel and DC.

The initiative is in the earliest of stages, but Paramount has apparently fast-tracked a program that will encourage writers to come up with potential movie ideas. Akiva Goldsman, who was responsible for penning I am Legend and I, Robot, is reportedly in charge of the program, and will receive guidance from both Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg. The goal right now is to foster more sequels, and even some spin off ideas.

Against the odds, Paramount apparently wants a new Transformer film written specifically for Michael Bay to direct, who has said before he likely wouldn't be involved in the next movie. But, come on, this is Michael Bay we're talking about; how can he not direct a movie with explosions and robots? The temptation is probably too great.

So whether you want it or not, the studio bigwigs want to nurture Transformers into a connected movie universe. Because if Marvel Studios can do it successfully, so too can Paramount. I honestly wouldn't mind seeing another Transformers movie in theaters, but given how bad the fourth movie was, it'll be really hard to excite people to get back onboard with the franchise.