Parking in tight spots can be undeniably difficult when you're all alone. This product will make all the hassle disappear — the FenSens Smart License Plate Frame. You don't need a new car or thousands of dollars to get a backup camera while driving. For less than $120, you can get this wireless parking sensor that immediately tells you if you're getting to close to an object.

The FenSens Smart License Plate Frame takes no more than five minutes to install without any wiring or professional help. Just download the easy-to-use app and you'll have instant audio, visual, and vibration alerts when you're nearing an object in front or behind you. It's like having an extra pair of eyes.

If parking was your worst nightmare, you can now rest easy with the FenSens Smart License Plate Frame. At 20% off, you can get your very own for just $119.99!