Of all the games set to launch for each platform this holiday season, none has me quite as uniquely excited as Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

First off, it's genuinely one of the first games for the Nintendo 3DS that has me eager to use the 3D feature. The 2D, paper-esque world pops in 3D, and I can't wait to make use of the handheld's slider for as long as the gaps between headaches let me.

Second, I love the Paper Mario franchise. It's a departure for Nintendo's most successful brand, and I like seeing Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom in unique scenarios with odd mechanics. Sticker Star looks to present both.

Why is the gameplay footage in Japanese? Nintendo of Japan hosted a Nintendo Direct event last night. It comes from that showing.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star will launch for the Nintendo 3DS on November 11th of this year.

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