Nintendo showed off what's quickly becoming my most anticipated Nintendo 3DS title for 2012, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, during their 3DS software showcase last night. We've grabbed the E3 trailer and posted it above.

Here's Nintendo's take on it as per a recent press release:

Launching this holiday season, this classic action role-playing franchise gets a fresh 3D look in its hand-held debut as Mario uses stickers found in the game to win battles and solve puzzles.

It looks like much more than that. The whole battle system, exploration system and gameplay revolve around stickers. Players use them to reach new areas, please citizens and solve the problems of the world about them. It's an interesting dynamic change to the Paper Mario world, and it's one that brings fresh take on collection.

Stickers and coins, we were told, are massively important for success.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star will launch this fall for the Nintendo 3DS.