Here's a bit of a strange one. Indie studio Pringo Dingo Games has scored the backing of Sony and will be releasing its two-player local multiplayer game Paparazzi on the PlayStation 4.

The game's premise is a pretty simple one. One player controls a celebrity on the run, and the other controls a paparazzi in hot pursuit of the latest scoop. The paparazzi will try to take pictures of the celebrity, earning money with each successful shot, and the celebrity scurries to avoid attention, losing "dignity" each time they get caught on camera.

This is of course backed by a ridiculous pixel-art style and completely off the wall gameplay. Even though the premise is a simple one, I am still having hard time wrapping my brain around what I am seeing in this trailer. Anybody want to help me?

Paparazzi will be released for the PlayStation 4 in February for just $4.99.