Minority Media has released details on its latest game, Cali.  The studio is most famous for its indie hit Papa & Yo, an endearing indie game that tells a very personal story about a boy, his monster, and the developer’s experience with child abuse and alcoholism.

Since Papa & Yo became such a huge hit on PlayStation Network and Steam, the team now has the opportunity to make another game, this time focused on the theme of tragic love with an AI avatar and ancient native South American rites of passage. So again, these are personal stories, not the happiest of endeavors.

Set in an advanced civilization long before the Conquistadors arrived in the Amazon, Cali is an adventure game developed for iOS, Android and the Cloud. It tells the story of Massi, a teenager caught up with his peers for the Sacred Rite, a centuries-old tradition that sends the strongest adolescent boys to the Second Sun. In a tragic mix of circumstances, Massi is separated from the group. As Massi, players will navigate to the Second Sun with the help of Cali, a beautiful and mysterious creature called a pixan, with features of both a majestic butterfly and shy human girl. And while Cali is the secret to Massi’s future success, there is a deadly reason why she cannot, or will not, help.

Minority Media’s Vander Caballero stated at GDC that apart from the intended mobile releases, Cali will also be available for the latest generation of consoles. He also made comparisons to Spike Jonze’s latest Academy Award Winning Film Her, which also stars a man who falls in love with his operating system.