Late last week, a countdown ended on a Japanese PlayStation page. When the numbers drained out, a brand new trailer appeared. Dubbed "Panopticon," the trailer showed a futuristic dystopia complete with more timers, a police state and a newborn baby.

Overnight, that title was officially unveiled in Japan. "Panopticon" is actually Freedom Wars, and it's exclusive to the PS Vita.

The only bogus part is the Sony elected to use the same trailer twice for this unveiling. The trailer you see at the head of this post is the new one. The only difference it has against the old one is the insertion of the Freedom Wars and PS Vita title cards. That's it.

So, not much else is known about this one right now. Freedom Wars is currently a Japanese exclusive set for 2014. If we're to hear more about this game coming Stateside, expect that to happen during E3. We'll be all over it.