Don't count your Nintendo Wiis out just yet, although the backwards compatibility on those fancy new Wii Us might be able to help you with this one. Nintendo and XSEED still have one more noteworthy game up their sleeves for the quickly dwindling system.

Pandora's Tower, the final game demanded by the Operation Rainfall campaign, was confirmed to be coming to America by publisher XSEED in January. Speculation of a March release date wasn't too far off as the game has now officially been confirmed for an April release. After that, not much else exists beyond the Wii's horizon. This could very well be its last release.

This swan song JRPG follows the tragic story of Aeron and Elena, two star-crossed lovers who find their relationship in a bit of a damper. Elena has been cursed by monsters, and her human form has begun to slowly decompose away, leaving her with nothing but a hideously beastly body. Aeron, betrothed to her forever and not wanting a monster for a bride, must climb a series of thirteen bone crunching towers and steal the flesh from their overlords to cure his one true love.

It's typical JRPG shlock, and it looks so wonderful. From the dated graphics to the crude art style, this is the kind of game I grew up with and am incredibly surprised to see getting a console release. The motion controls might still be irksome, but there is room for a little forgiveness I suppose given the rare opportunity to play this game.

It's even getting a discount price at $39.99, so if the rumored price of next generation games has you down, there are still some quality games that can be found for cheap.

Pandora's Tower is being released exclusively for the Nintendo Wii on April 16th.

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