XSEED has announced a pricing plan for the Nintendo Wii's long lost Japanese RPG, Pandora's Tower. The fans have demanded an American localization for years now ever since the quality European localization proved the game could make the jump into English.

After the exciting reveal last week, GameStop now has the game available for pre-orders starting at $39.99 with a release date of March 26th. The bargain price matches that of The Last Story, a similarly styled JRPG XSEED published last year for the Wii.

No doubt the successful sales of The Last Story proved to be huge in XSEED's decision to localize Pandora's Tower for American audiences. Top-notch JRPGs for the current consoles have been few and far between, with most developers trending towards handhelds instead. Fans have been hungry for new content, and hopefully Pandora's Tower will provide that.

Along with Xenoblade Chronicles, which was published in limited quantity by Nintendo, the two XSEED games gained notoriety through an online campaign called Operation Rainfall which demanded their released once it became known Nintendo was sitting on the publishing rights. Pandora's Tower coming to America marks a 100% complete success rate for JRPG fans all over the country.

Although receiving the lowest aggregate critic score of the three games from Metacritic and Gamerankings, Pandora's Tower is still an interesting little title well worth the $39.99 price point. XSEED dropped the price on The Last Story to $29.99 after only a few months, so stragglers might want to hold back and see if they follow a similar pattern.