There are currently two ways to use Pandora: free with ads, or pay a few bucks a months to hear uninterrupted music. Now the company is introducing a third option with One Day Pass, though it kind of sounds like a ripoff to us.

Starting on Thursday, September 10, you’ll be able to pay 99 cents for 24 hours of ad-free music. That might not sound so bad, but considering the fact that you can pay $5 a month and never hear a Pandora ad again. Sign up for an annual plan and you’ll save even more in the long run.

There are a few situations where we could see One Day Pass making sense. If you’re throwing a big party or having some friends over you might want to play ad-free music for just a few hours. But once you’re paying a buck every time someone drops by to visit you might as well upgrade to the monthly service.

That’s probably what Pandora has in mind with this entire new service. In that case it might be worth trying out the paid service once for 99 cents before simply upgrading to a full time alternative.