We love Google's $35 Chromecast dongle and now we have a reason to like it just a little bit more. Google and Pandora officially revealed on Thursday that the latest version of Pandora supports streaming to Chromecast, which means you can view and control Pandora on your TV at all times. If you already own a Roku, an Apple TV or a Smart TV, this probably isn't that groundbreaking, but it's amazing to see developers finally start to build out support for Google's affordable streaming gadget.

Today's news is just the latest. In early October Hulu Plus started to offer support for the Chromecast, and that's in addition to support already offered by Netflix, YouTube, Chrome and Google Play.

Chromecast still only has a few apps, though we hope the support spreads quickly. HBO Go is still glaringly absent, and we want to see game support and other options make its way to the dongle in the near future.