Smart TVs are powered by a range of operating systems, including Samsung's Tizen OS, LG's webOS and, now, Firefox OS. The operating system has been used in smartphones before, but it hasn't really gained a lot of steam. With the help of Panasonic—a new partnership that was announced earlier this year during CES 2015—it might finally take off on TVs.

The first Panasonic TVs powered by Firefox OS are now on sale in Europe. There are six models in total, including the CR680, CX700, CX750, CX800, CR730 and CR850, but it's currently unclear what distinguishes them apart from one another.

Mozilla explained that Firefox OS on TVs is important because everything is optimized for HTML5 content and existing Web apps, which means content that's already available online should already work. Mozilla will also ship out WebAPIs to developers to create custom apps for the TVs.

Panasonic's new Firefox OS smart TVs should be sold globally, we hope also in the United States, in the coming months.