Panasonic logoPanasonic is aiming to make the headlines in a big way at this year’s Mobile World Congress, and it hopes to do so by introducing a brand new, premium smartphone, a source told PocketLint. Not content to offer just one device at the event, the Osaka-based company supposedly has something else up its sleeve directed toward the high-end market for European consumers.

This second mystery device will supposedly feature a bigger screen over the 4.3-inch Eluga, along with a front-facing camera and unnamed dual-core processor. How else does Panasonic plan to differentiate itself from competitors? The company will supposedly include its Lumix camera technology in some way, although exact details are unknown at this point.

In addition, the unannounced device will come equipped with the company’s own proprietary screen technology instead of OLED. Panasonic currently uses IPS Alpha panels in its HDTV lineup, so something similar may show up in the mystery device.

The source also said Panasonic has some ambitious plans to launch a consumer-oriented tablet later this year, but neither specs or timeframe was shared. In any case, the company certainly sounds like its making a big push into the European market this year. We’ll find out all the details once MWC gets under way.

[via Pocket Lint]