Sony isn’t the only one trying to stand out in the increasingly popular mirrorless market. Panasonic last week introduced a pint-sized, interchangeable-lens shooter of its own, and it looks absolutely wonderful. Not only does it look very beautifully engineered, but the thing weighs in at just six freaking ounces. That’s tiny—the body itself is about the size of a high-end point-and-shoot.

Equipped with a 16-megapixel micro four thirds sensor, Panasonic’s GM1 is a camera that takes a lot of its inspiration from the company’s own GX7—Panasonic claims the performance is close. Unfortunately, because this is clearly aimed at the very average consumer, Panasonic sacrificed a few features in order to stuff such big performance in a little package. You win some, you lose some.

The mechanical shutter itself is only as quick as 1/500th of a second, and while that’s plenty fast for shooting around town and with friends on vacation, don’t expect this to stop sports action or moving vehicles. Again, maybe not something the average consumer will be after anyway. Additionally, you can only focus manually by using an onscreen interface because of how big its GM series of lenses is. That is a particular no-no for pros. However, most people will likely just point-and-shoot and hope for the best.

For all its faults, the GM1 is just $750, which is competitive with some of Sony’s heralded RX100 II—something Jon chose as his go-to point-and-shoot. There are some obvious trade-offs when engineering such a small mirrorless interchangeable-lens shooter. But it’s still a quality camera that will make some very wonderful results, and having more lenses at your disposal is never a bad thing.