Panasonic's Shira Kitajima, president of consumer marketing in North America took the stage during Panasonic's opening keynote at CES 2013 on Tuesday and said, this year, Panasonic will focus on personalization and content for TVs. A new feature, called "My Home Screen," is a single customized menu page that shows all of your favorite types of digital content.

Select Panasonic Viera models will have a camera that can detect who is watching the TV so that it can automatically bring up the correct "My Home Screen" menu for the right viewer. There are also voice controls for navigation and the ability for the TV to read web content aloud to you. Another new feature, called "Swipe and Share 2.0" will allow users to view photos from a tablet or phone on a Panasonic TV. Once the photos are on the screen, they can be edited using a new touch pen feature. Then you can share TV-based photos and videos from the Viera TV down to an iOS or Android device by swiping it off of the screen.