The weeks leading up to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) are always full of rumors and speculation about what will be on display there.  Sometimes the rumors even go so far as to be about products that won't be there, and they still end up being the top story.  (CES 2010 and the iPad immediately leap to mind)  Well, things are shaping up again for people to be talking about something we won't even see there, but this time it isn't an Apple product, but it is still a tablet.

Rumors have been making the rounds today about the PalmPad, a tablet-sized device that will run on webOS.  While the tablet is well-known to be coming down the pike, Clayton Morris of Fox News ran a story today that the device would be on display at CES 2011 next month in Las Vegas.  Not only would one be on display, but that three models will be on display at the show.  Unfortunately when we reached out to Palm for a comment on this story we were told officially that no webOS tablets will be on display at the show.  Why won't there be any on display?  Well, as our contact at Palm PR said to us today, "Despite the recent chatter, Palm actually won't be at CES this year."

Kinda makes it hard to display products when you're not even going to be there.

This isn't to say we are far off from an announcement, but any dreams of seeing hand-on videos with this new device from the CES floor just went out the window I'm afraid.

Hopefully soon?

Edited To Add: Palm sent over the following calcification about their presence at CES, "Palm will have representatives at CES, but won't be holding a large event."