Palm made its long-awaited comeback last week with the introduction of its tiny phone, which is meant to be a companion to your primary phone. It’s an uncommon take on what a phone should be. If that’s something you want to experience, you can pick one up as early as next week.

The Palm device will go on sale starting November 2 through Verizon—the phone’s exclusive carrier—and it’ll cost $300 on a two-year contract or $350 outright. Thankfully, you do not need to get an additional data plan for it but you will need to get Verizon’s NumberShare service, which costs $10 a month.

Essentially, the device will act similarly to a companion tablet—you need to pay an additional $10 to use the extra device on your carrier plan, just one is specific to data and the other shares the number.

Among the features the Palm device offers includes a 3.3-inch LCD display, Snapdragon 435 processor, 3GB of RAM, IP68, and a 12MP main camera.

There’s no denying the Palm is an intriguing experiment. It’s meant to act as a stripped down phone, encouraging users to use their main device less. Will that actually appeal to consumers? That remains to be seen.