The Game Developers Conference kicks off in San Francisco next week which is host to an insanely large gathering of video game developers who hope to show off some of their work and make a few connects as well.  Announced back in January at CES, Palm showed off what developers had created using their Plug-in Development Kit (PDK).  The PDK allows game developers to create more robust applications that make use of some previously inaccessible hardware capabilities.


As the PDK exits its beta period later this month, one major feature is the ease of which developers can port their applications from existing platforms to WebOS devices.  Sources of John Paczkowski of Digital Daily say that iPhone applications can be WebOS-ready in a matter of days with “minimal degradation in performance.”  Obviously, minimal work to port an existing application to another platform could be highly attractive to developers and a huge win for Palm’s WebOS – a platform whose app catalog remains in the few thousands.

If you’re a Pre or Pixi user this should be great news and hopefully Palm finds a growing app catalog a foreshadowing to some future success.   Do we have any WebOS users out there?  Share your excitement in the comments.

[Via PreCentral]