The Palm Pre is undoubtedly a great smartphone.In fact, its one of the devices that probably saved Palm from going under.They knew advertising was going to be a big part of the device's fate.In the U.S., they were successful in stirring up buzz, but not all of it was good.

To say the ads were creepy is an understatement.They featured Tamara Hope trying to seduce you with eerie background music and even eerier tone of voice.She would talk but nothing made sense.Instead, you were too busy wishing to make it stop.You couldn't really get a feel for what the device would do, and the message was forgetful despite making it into your nightmares.

Months later, as Palm prepares to launch the Pre's little brother Pixi, we've been presented with an ad that actually makes sense.We get to actually see the whole device and what it can do.There's fun, upbeat music; a trend that seems to really help in selling technology.The commercial, as a whole, adds life to the device and actually makes me want to own one.What about you? If you're so inclined, pick one up on Nov. 15th at your local Sprint store.