Samsung Galaxy S III - White - TiltedEven the most popular phones get lonely, which is why Samsung is introducing a number of “enhancements” in conjunction with the Galaxy S III. Are you excited? Not excited? Months of anticipation culminated in a pretty cool presentation put on by the Korean company and, while the star of the show was surely the S III’s human-centric focus, the device is being made even more interesting because of its accessories, including a desktop dock, flip cover, AllShare Cast dongle and S Pebble.

Samsung Galaxy S III AllShare Cast HubAllShare Cast Hub

Pretty much AirPlay for the Galaxy S III, the AllShare Cast Hub allows content from the Galaxy S III to be shared on a TV or projector through HDMI. That means games, videos and pictures can be enjoyed on a larger screen at family gatherings, parties, etc.

Samsung Galaxy S III Flip CoverFlip Cover

As you’d expect, the flip cover is in essence a case that protects both the front and back of Samsung’s new device. Or, as the company described it, “enhances the overall value of the Galaxy S III with a premium metallic design.” It would’ve been cool if the device sported a metallic design of its own. In addition to being offered in blue and white, the flip cover will also come in a number of vivid colors. The company is also releasing a protective cover, which has a light water-resistance function, and a slim cover, which does its best to maintain the Galaxy S III’s slight 8.6 mm frame.

Samsung Galaxy S III Desktop DockDesktop Dock

Any guesses to what this does? Correct; it’s a dock for use with desktop PCs, allowing you to conveniently place your Galaxy S III all purdy-like at your home office or work place. Sporting a flippable design for ultimate portability, the desktop dock even enables S III owners to listen to music through an external powered speak, and it’s compatible with the aforementioned flip cover.

Samsung Galaxy S III S-PebbleS-Pebble

Reminiscent of Samsung’s Pebble MP3s, the S-Pebble is designed to play your favorite music even when your Galaxy S III is at home. The accessory charges and syncs music through a micro-USB to 3.5mm headphone jack cable, has 4GB of memory (1,000 songs) and will get a reported 17 hours of battery. It’s a neat little gizmo for runners, but unfortunately it sounds like its capabilities only extend to playing tunes — no GPS or pedometer functionality to be found.

Samsung is also unleashing a C Pen for folks who were jealous of the Galaxy Note, a premium audio dock, battery charger stand and universal vehicle dock. But perhaps the coolest accessory is the wireless charging kit, which will give users the ability to charge their phone, no wires required. None. The kit includes a wireless charging cover, pad and TA. We haven’t heard anything in the way of pricing, but we’ll be sure to keep our eyes and ears open for any information.