With more people eliminating the cost of their landline and relying on cellular service, there is an ever increasing need for carriers to find plans that fit into their customers cellular lifestyle. Last week, Page Plus Cellular has done just that, breaking the mold of prepaid cellular service plans.

Most prepaid plans allocate their minutes on a monthly basis and require you to add more minutes within a certain time frame to keep the ones you have yet to use. For example, my daughter is on a T-Mobile prepaid plan, and to keep any unused minutes I need to purchase a $30 airtime card every page-plus-storethree months; there is no data or text, just voice minutes with this plan. The problem here is that I need to remember to add $30 every three months, and after a year it costs me $120 for 640 minutes, averaging out to a pricey .19 cents a minute.

Page Plus cellular is taking the hassle out of adding airtime to your account every few months, as well as high cost per minute charges, with their new annual prepaid plan. For $80 a year, customers will receive 2,000 voice minutes that will expire annually, and it offers no text or data, simply voice. Now, most TechnoBuffalo readers will have no interest whatsoever in a voice-only plan for themselves, but it might very well benefit a loved one. My eight-year-old carries her phone for the sole purpose of emergencies. or when she needs to get a hold of us in a pinch, and that has become very convenient.

When doing the math, an annual user with Page Plus will have an average of 166 minutes a month for just about $7, after the .50 cent monthly maintenance fee. That boils down to about two lattes a month for cellular service, quite affordable for the non-power user. I think we’ll start seeing carriers cater to cellular users who don’t need massive amounts of minutes, text or data plans as this part of the market has been largely ignored.

You can learn more about page plus and their new Annual Voice Plan by clicking here.