We’re still not completely sold on the idea of a PadFone, but that hasn’t stopped Asus from pushing its high-concept 2-in-1 device both around the world and here in America. Earlier this year the company launched the PadFone X in the U.S. through a partnership with AT&T, and today it announced plans for a follow-up PadFone X Mini modeled after the 7-inch hybrid it unveiled back at CES 2014.

The PadFone X Mini is actually a slight step up from the Padfone Mini announced earlier this year. The new model headed to AT&T may offer the same 7-inch docking tablet, but it packs a slightly larger 4.5-inch smartphone. It also offers a faster 1.6GHz Intel Atom dual-core processor and bigger batteries both in the phone (2060 removable) and the tablet (2200mAh non-removable). You still get the same 1GB of RAM though, and the camera on the PadFone X Mini has apparently been downgraded from 8 megapixels to a 5MP PixelMaster shooter designed by Asus.

The new PadFone X Mini will be available from both Asus and AT&T starting Oct. 24, and the carrier plans to sell it for $199 on-contract. Like we said, we’re still not sold on this whole PadFone thing, especially since it means a chunky design and lower specs compared to standalone flagship phones and tablets. Then again, if you’re looking for a good deal and willing to try something a little outside the box, the PadFone X Mini might be worth considering.