A patent at the European Union Intellectual Property Office suggests that the company is looking to capitalize on the success of Super Mario Maker with its own Pac-Man Maker game. No further information is available, be it which platform it might be on or which style it will take after.

As usual, patents are trademarks are not a guarantee when it comes to official game announcements, and Bandai Namco could just be covering its bases. Treat this as a rumor for now.

Making Pac-Man boards would be easier than Mario levels

Or would it? Pac-Man is a deceptively complex game, and each board varies with just enough subtle differences to be more challenging than the last. Making huge Super Mario worlds is all about fun level design, exploring secrets, and exploiting the physics to do wacky things.

Pac-Man has only ever been about one thing: getting high scores. How you create a community around such a limited range of creation is beyond me.