Pac-Man Cartoon 1983

From the "what are they thinking?" file comes news today that Pac-Man will be returning to the small screen in a new animated series.

Deadline reported today that Pac-Man — The Adventure Begins will be a new animated series coming to Disney XD in the fall of 2013, or exactly 30 years after the last Pac-Man cartoon started, which is the image you see above.  Currently 26 episodes have been ordered and will be made in stereoscopic 3D.

Upon hearing this news today, my first thought was, "Why?" and my second thought was, "Do the kids who watch Disney XD even know who Pac-Man is?"  In the early 1980s you couldn't throw a rock without hitting a Pac-Man machine, and he launched all sorts of merchandise from t-shirts to toys, so a cartoon back in the golden age of Saturday morning cartoons made sense, but in 2013?  Perhaps Namco Bandai, the company that owns the rights to the character, has something in mind for celebrating his longevity, but it still makes me go, "Why?"

Do you think a new animated series based on Pac-Man is a good idea?

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