Bandai Namco has finally opened up on its upcoming 35th anniversary Pac-Man game, Pac-Man 256. Named after the infamous game-ending glitch in the 256th level, this new game will take that idea and use it to turn Pac-Man into an endless runner.

It’s a pretty funny concept, actually. Pac-Man must constantly be scrolling upwards through an endless maze, going about business as usual. Eating dots, eating fruit, chomping down on ghosts when they are weak, avoiding them when they are strong. The only difference is that instead of Pac-Man inevitably falling into the 256th level glitch, it is instead chasing him and will inevitably swallow him.

If Pac-Man makes a wrong turn or dodges a ghost in the wrong direction, the glitch will catch him and game over!

I approve! I’m not so sure how the game will l hold up under scrutiny. It sounds like the game might create a few unwinnable situations, which is unfair, but as an idea, it is just joyful. I’m going to give it a spin.