P.T. is gone. Kaput. No more. If it’s still on your PlayStation 4, do not delete it.

Normally, when a piece of software disappears from a service like PSN or Xbox Live – even non-functional multiplayer betas – anyone who downloaded the file can still see and re-download it into their library. After word got out that P.T. would disappear from PSN, many fans frantically re-downloaded it. Eurogamer posted a video of one of their staff deleting the game to see if it would re-download. He looked like he was about to cry from relief when the game was still in his library for download.

We all cried with relief. P.T. might be a weird marketing tactic, but it ended up being a stunningly interesting video game.

Well, let the tears start again.

Not only is P.T. not available to download new on PSN, if you delete it you can’t re-download it. Since it wasn’t a paid piece of software, it seems there’s no license agreement forcing Konami to leave it up. Instead there’s either a legitimate contract issue forcing the publisher to remove the game, or it is trying to scrub Silent Hills and every sign of it from our memory.

Additionally, it seems any PlayStation 4 posted on eBay labeled as having P.T. installed is being taken down, according to Kotaku. You can still search for “P.T. PlayStation 4″ and find results, but they’re all new listings, as old ones have been removed.

This is yet another set of disappointing moves from Konami after weeks of disappointing moves. We hope Konami can reinstate the game, otherwise those PS4s on eBay really are going to start selling for ridiculous sums.