Earlier this month, OnePlus promised to release its new operating system, OxygenOS, by March 27. Now, with that tentative release date just a day away it looks like the company may not be able to deliver on time.

In a Reddit AMA interview on Thursday, the Chinese-phone maker revealed that although OxygenOS is ready to ship it’s been delayed by an unexpectedly long certification process. The company says it’s already using the new software internally, but it could a few more days or longer before it gets a public launch.

On the bright side, OnePlus says it will likely give away five free copies of its flagship phone tomorrow as an apology for missing its own deadline. The company is actually making good on a promise it made earlier this month, so this doesn’t come as a huge surprise. To put your name in the running, just hit the OnePlus link below and leave a comment on that page.

We still can’t wait to see OxygenOS for ourselves, and knowing it’s so close to being ready to go makes the delay even more frustrating. Based on a few recent leaks, in addition to comments from the company, we’re expecting something pretty close to stock Android. Hopefully it won’t be too long before OnePlus can actually release the new software.