The OnePlus 2, the new flagship from OnePlus, is running its very own form of Android: Oxygen OS. Oxygen 2.0, which is based off Android 5.1.1, is sporting some really cool new features, and we took a deep dive to find out how useful they are.

First up is Shelf. Shelf is accessible by swiping to left from the main home screen. Shelf provides quick access to important information, such as frequently used apps, contacts and other widgets in a single page. It’s no Google Now, but it’s a great place to quickly access your apps and contacts. Bonus points: it allows you to keep your home screen free of clutter by keeping widgets, apps, contacts and more tucked away, but still easily accessible.

Next up is Dark Mode, which we saw in an early developer release of Android M. Dark Mode lives up to its name. It takes all the brightly colored and white elements of the Android UI and darkens them, making the device easier to use at night and presumably helping battery life. Users can even change the accent color from green, to blue, to orange, to red. You can pick from eight different accent colors to express your personal style.

Oxygen OS 2 also supports custom icon packs in almost any format without having to switch to a third-party launcher. You’ll be able to choose icon packs inside the launcher settings, making customization super easy. You can also change the app drawer’s grid size from a standard 4×4 grid, to a smaller 4×3 grid, to a larger 6×5 grid. You can even re-arrange the tiles in the quick settings pane, and also hide certain toggles to give your settings pane a more minimalistic look.

We were also pleasantly surprised to find that OnePlus did indeed leave the ability to switch between hardware and software nav buttons; a welcome feature that should please many users. Oxygen 2.0 also supports a few gestures when the phone is locked. For example, drawing a ‘V’ on the display will turn on the flashlight on the back of the device. Drawing an ‘O’ will invoke the camera. Double tapping on the display will wake it from sleep, and swiping two fingers down will play and pause your media.

There’s quite a bit more here to check out, so make sure you watch the video for all the details.