Oxenfree is a really good, really creepy adventure game. There’s a great set of characters above an intriguing and unique storyline, and that earned it a spot on our honorable mentions for Best Games of 2016.

Now, the game’s made the jump from consoles and PC to the mobile platform. Sorry, fellow Android owners, this thing is only rolling on iOS for now.

Oxenfree is selling for $3.99 for this week. That’s a 20 percentdiscount, so it’ll be $4.99 once this period is over.

Could this come to Android? Maybe.

There’s been no word that I can find regarding an Android release for Oxenfree. If and when that happens, Android owners should absolutely pick it up.

The reason why I’m willing to say that it may is that Night School Studio’s other game, Mr. Robot, caught an Android release. They are familiar with the platform.

Fingers crossed.

iOS users? Get Oxenfree, ok?