Owlboy started development in 2007. Check your calendar. Go ahead. You’ll notice that it’s 2016. This game has been in development for nearly a decade.

It’s set to release, finally, on the PC platform tomorrow. I’m playing through it now for review, and it’s already one of my favorite games this year. It’s beautiful, meticulously crafted and touts a stunning soundtrack.

“Is it coming to consoles?” That’s the question I got when I talked to friends about the title last week. So, I took that question directly to the developers. I asked D-Pad Studio’s Jo-Remi Madsen if they’re planning on future ports to consoles.

Here’s his response in full:

Aye, we’re going to aim for console, although we’re not quite sure which one we will focus on first. We’ve added PlayStation and Xbox controller support already, so aiming for those platforms would be a most likely starting point.

Owlboy belongs on TVs and maybe handhelds, too.

It doesn’t matter which console the game hits first in my mind. I’d play it on the TV on anything, though I admit I’m fortunate enough to have access to all platforms.

Owlboy would be exceptional on a TV, and I say that after dumping hours into it on my PC. It’s a beautiful game.

If the folks at D-Pad read this story, consider this a request. If the Nintendo Switch works out (or if the PS Vita makes sense from a budget standpoint), Owlboy would be wonderful on the go. I’d target the Switch; then again, I’m not a game developer.

Owlboy hits the PC platform on November 1, 2016. That’s tomorrow!